Below are the goodies that we present in our waffle range.

Ice biscuits

Below are the goodies that we present in our range of ice cream biscuits.


Roofoods International is simply a very ambitious company and a part of the many activities of the Rooswinkel family. Father Jos Rooswinkel has founded several activities in the last decades, in meat production, vegetables, bakery products and catering distribution.

Roofoods, led by Edwin Rooswinkel, is active in bakery products, specialties and related products. Especially 2007 and 2008 became determining, because of the many purchases of healthy (generally family) production companies.

Roofoods International is not exclusively focused on mass production, but also on the production of specialties with the aim to offer our clients a plus-value.

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  • Blessing A.
    16-03-2015 11:20
    Altijd vriendelijk en behulpzaam personeel
  • Viktor I.
    16-03-2015 11:19
    Altijd stipte levering en service!